GNTC Humanitarian Fund


  • It was estabilished in 2017 from Kadriu family, owners of GNTC company – Gorenje Niti Tiki Company (“GNTC group” sh.a.). Founders are all the members of Kadriu family, as follows:
  • I      Aqif and his spouse Salije, (First Generation)
  • II    Zijush, Fatmire, Fatmir, Sevime (Second Generation) and
  • III  Ermira, Rinor, Rinit, Blenda, Florina, Natyra, Agan and Nart
           (Third Generation)  
  • The reason Kadriu family decided to establish GNTC Humanitarian Fund is because there were many requests at the company for help from various people with health need or diffucult living conditions.

  • Who helps GNTC Humanitarian Fund:
  • The employees of GNTC company – Gorenje NitiTIki Company (“GNTC group” sh.a.) from their monthly salaries.

  • Some of our partners willingly contribute to the account of GNTC Humanitarian Fund.

  • Others of good will.

  • The company board also took the decision for all the investments done and invoices issued in the name of GNTC company – Gorenje NitiTIki Company (“GNTC group” sh.a.), the work performers to contribute 3% of the invoice value to the Fund bank account.

  • GNTC Humanitarian Fund bank account is opened for all who want to contribute and help people in need. No contribution or donor is accepted if not done through bank account of the fund.

  • The aid is distributed according to the needs esteemed from the board of GNTC Humanitarian Fund through the bank.

  • All those who help and contribute to the fund have the doors open for help in case of need for themselves or someone else for whom the help is necessary.

  • It is easy and possible for someone to help according to the possibilities, but it impossible for someone in big need to solve the problem without the others contribution.Contribute to help more people in need.

  • Today it’s me, tomorrow you need help!  Without giving you cannot receive!

Note: There may be translation errors 

Why helping?

Millions of people do charity for the positive spiritual effect in their life. Giving might be beneficial for you too! Also, encourage friends and family to do the same.

Our mission

Together taking care for each-other!

Our vision

Giving hope to children, youth and people in need wherever they are!

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Kosovo, Pristina, 10000, Veternik N.N
[email protected]